11200 S US Hwy 1 Sebastian, FL
Open 8am-6pm 7 days a week
Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

We Specialize in vine ripe tomatoes all year round, and carry the freshest and best tasting products supplied by regional and national markets, as well as locally grown, organic, and hydroponic produce.

Fresh Florida Citrus

Kroegel produce ships only Indian River grown citrus. We ship what's fresh and in season. Below is a rough outline of when fruit is in season, and for how long.

Grapefruit - November through June
Navels - November through January
Honeybells - January
Ortanique - February through March
Valencia's - March through June

We ship in 1/4 bushels and 1/2 bushels to
wherever you want in the continental United States.
If shipping to Mississippi, Washington, Pennsylvania,
New Hampshire or Oregon there is an additional cost.

New Hampshire= 1 tray add $3 or 2 trays add $5
Mississippi= 1 tray add $2 or 2 trays add $4
Pennsylvania= 1 tray add $3 or 2 trays add $5
Washington= 1 tray add $5 or 2 trays add $9

We aren't currently shipping any fruit. Shipping will resume in the Fall.

-Number of fruit per box will vary based on size of fruit-
You can update quanities after fruit is added to cart.

Grapefruit Quarter Bushel - $35.99

Grapefruit Half Bushel - $45.99

Oranges Quarter Bushel - $35.99

Oranges Half Bushel - $45.99

Grapefruit & Oranges Quarter Bushel - $35.99

Grapefruit & Oranges Half Bushel - $45.99

    The History of Kroegel

    Tim Timinsky, a fifth generation Sebasitan native, has owned Kroegel Homestead Produce since 1987. The stand is the oldest produce stand in the area, going back more than 50 years in the same location. Tim believes that quality produce and a friendly staff are the key to the stand's success.

    Kroegel not only carries the freshest, and best tasting products supplied by regional and national markets, but also frequently has locally grown, organic, and hydroponic produce, as well.

    The stand began in it's current location with one man selling produce out of the back of his truck. This one man mobile produce stand became a fixture in Sebastian and grew in popularity over the years because of the quality of its produce. Looking to retire, the founder, a man named Anderson, sold the stand to Tim in 1987. Tim has always been an old fashioned guy and prefers a life of simple pleasures, keeping his feet planted firmly in the soil that his ancestors tred. Tim loves the fact that local growers bring their crops to Kroegel and enjoys helping keep the local economy alive. The Kroegel staff is like family and strives to keep the quality and consistency of the stand at it's highest possible standard.

    Tim is the grandson of Paul Kroegel, who spearheaded the movement to make Pelican Island the first National Wildlife Refuge in the U.S., and subsequently became the first National Wildlife Warden.
    To read more about the Kroegel legacy Click Here

    Our Farm

    Kroegel Produce is working to provide a “Food Forest” of naturally grown, spray and pesticide free produce and herbs.
    We have over 100 varieties of trees and botanicals growing on the old Kroegel Homestead property, which was originally farmed in the early 1900’s on the same land.
    We are trying to specialize in LOCAL crops and have items that have many medicinal benefits such as:
    Jackfruit - Turmeric - Soursop - Ginger - Elderberry

    We have grown and harvested:
    Celery - Sweet Onions - White Icicle Radishes - Green Mizuna - Curly Kale - Purple Creamer Potatoes - Turnips

    Growing now:
    Sweet Potatoes - Red and White Yams - Ginger - Turmeric - Leeks - Yucca - Horseradish - Orange Okra - Red Okra - Tomato - Bronze Fennel - Hot Peppers - Eggplant - Yukon Gold Potatoes

    Fresh herbs we have growing:
    Basil - Rosemary - Oregano - Chives - Mint - Curry - Thyme - Catnip - Lemon Verbenium

    We have many naturally homegrown choices for you at Kroegel Produce!

    Click below to see more photos of our farm as it continues to grow!

    farm photos coming soon

    Kroegel's friendly staff is here to help you.










    11200 S US Hwy 1 Sebastian, FL
    Open 8am-6pm 7 days a week

    Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

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